Does the world seem to be getting smaller?

I think we’ve all had many emotions these last few months, from anger, isolation, frustration, sadness to feeling totally overwhelmed. I look around and wonder ‘what in the world is going on? or why am I feeling like I need to get something done, but no idea what?’

Often this is due to an unexpected call from a friend stating, ‘did you know?’ And, of course when the surprise, sadness or deafening shame of not being able to be there for another overwhelms me. I don’t want to feel this way, I want to truly be able to offer support, both emotional and social, be there with them at the time of tragedy, happiness or overwhelming stress.

I begin to notice the feelings most often expressed by others or me that of feeling overwhelmed. Not enough hours in the day nor minutes in the hour to get through those ‘things that need to get done’. We all feel lost at times, trying to accomplish what? Are these items so small compared to others that we have put them off? Is this the time to tackle getting the pictures in a photo album that only you will look at? Or the time to go through all the boxes in the attic or garage that wait for only one holiday? Or, maybe, items that are in stuck in a closet for a future project?

Slowing down and considering what is going on in our lives and what is important to us individually makes a difference. It helps us focus on the ‘important’ emotions and needs/desires we have for our present and future.

Let’s hope our future is a good one.

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