Sadness is something we all experience at one time or another.  It can be due to the wrong word said in anger, the inability to repair that beloved teddy bear, or the death of someone important to you.  Sadness overwhelms us, making the thought of that person a feeling of loss.  An experience of never being able to reach for that emotional connection again.

Memories remain.  But they are not the same.  The picture is a bit clouded over.  The sounds muffled.  The feeling dulled.  Nothing remains the same.  We are still here and that most important person/experience is gone.  There is a hole where contentment, happiness and that feeling of fulfillment had been held.

How do you replace it?  How do you cope?  What can you say that doesn’t bring tears to your eyes and sadness to your soul?  You are drowning in sorrow, believing the loss is too great to bear, overcome with despair.

But, being part of the world we come to understand sadness touches all of us. Sadness remains as do memories.  Though with each remembering something changes,  colors brighten, sounds are sweeter, emotions more loving.

With the need to look ahead and be part of the present, looking at a future, we carry the sadness.

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