Stress is a normal part of life.  What is not normal is the amount of stress we accumulate and take on as part of the modern world.  When is the last time you took a moment and said,  “I’m not doing anything for the next hour but enjoy doing nothing?”

The modern concept of living is a daily schedule filled to the brim with activities and goals.  When we don’t reach most of those goals or participate in activities we view ourselves as failing in a monumental way. We feel we are lacking in something. Maybe this is the perpetual goal of ‘keeping up with the crowd’, a type of mentality that encourages cooperation, inclusiveness.  On the other side, what happened to individuality?  Can we not follow our own dreams?  If we do so, and don’t fit into the approved social scenarios are we then excluded from all group interactions?  How do we find that fine line of being yourself or loosing your individual identity within the group?

Is it really that important?  That’s the greater question.  When is the I more important than the group?  Is there an age, a social environment or designated life skill role?  Or, does it really matter?

Is the norm stress?  Is stress a part of life that is acknowledged, but is almost automatically adjusted to, a concept we have innately  learned to dance with?


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