Hopefully, with calmer emotions…

Experiencing anger as a response to the actions of another person can cause us to loose control over our emotions and behaviors. We may explode verbally on the other person, get extremely “pissed off” which can be expressed by throwing, hitting or start shaking due to the unfairness of life!   None of these actions resolve the actual feelings or thoughts we may want to speak or lead us towards an appropriate action or behavior.

Many times I have wondered if people are unaware of how words affect their emotions, behaviors and thoughts.  It’s a circle, as thoughts affect both emotions and behaviors and emotions affect behavior and thoughts, and behaviors definitely affect emotions and thoughts. What we experience in our environment is transferred by our brain into thoughts/beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.

I am human, and do make mistakes.  What I need to remember is that what I say cannot be taken back.  I am able to show by behavior, my outward emotions, and verbalizing my thoughts that anger does resolve in time.  And, maybe I can learn from past mistakes and think, behave and develop a more stable, calmer response to life’s irritations.  After all, what is most important is our relationships with others, the enjoyment, love and strengths these relationships bring us.

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